Brazilian Butt Lift


It is a surgical procedure combines adding volume as well as lifting the skin of the buttocks for a full, rounded and projected appearance. It can be achieved by using either implants or your own fat to add volume. Sometimes excess skin needs to be removed and deep sutures are used to raise and suspend the buttocks in its higher location.


The procedure is done under general anesthetic.

Surgery Duration

Typical duration is 2 – 3 hours. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis.

Expected Recovery

Pain postoperatively is usually mild to moderate but easily controlled by pain killers. Antibiotics are very important to avoid infection. No suture removal is necessary. Expect to be back to work after 10 – 14 days. A compression garment needs to be worn for a month.

Disclaimer: The above information and description is a typical generic description. Your own plan of care and procedure may differ from that described above and Dr. Alahdab will fully discuss your customized personal treatment plan with you during consultation. The postoperative progress after any surgery depends on your body’s response and a dynamic treatment plan will be implemented based on how you are healing.