Riyadh Plastic Surgery Prices

Plastic surgery prices in Riyadh depend on many factors. These may relate to your general health status or complexity of the surgery. A rhinoplasty for example can vary from being a small 1 hour intervention under local anesthetic to an extensive 4 hours reconstructive surgery under general anesthetic. For this reason we present our price list as a range that should give you a general idea of the approximate cost of the surgery requested. An accurate pricing will be given to you at the time of consultation. ِAdditional incidentals such as laboratory tests, pressure garments or radiological investigations are not included in the prices below but typically do not exceed 1000-2000 Riyals when required.

Combining multiple procedures can be done when deemed medically safe and this can reduce the total price by 10-25%.

After consultation we will quote you an all inclusive price without hidden costs to provide you peace of mind and ensure maximum transparency which is a hallmark of our brand.

Click on the tabs below to reveal plastic surgery prices in Riyadh performed by Dr. Maher Alahdab. All prices in Saudi Riyal.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Procedure Prices in Riyadh

18000 – 25000

Body Contouring Surgery and Body Sculpting Prices in Riyadh