Draw the abdominal muscles with high precision liposuction and body sculpting

Vasers in Riyadh and Dubai

Liposuction and body sculpting in Dubai and Riyadh

Frustrated with stubborn fat that just won’t go away with diet or exercise? Do you go to the gym regularly for hours but still can’t get six pack abs? Want to look perfectly beach-ready but your genes are getting in the way? Then you are the ideal candidate for liposuction with the high precision 4D Vaser liposuction technique for plastic surgery performed by the best plastic surgeon in Riyadh and Dubai, Dr. Maher Al Ahdab.

Vaser body sculpting, plastic surgery, liposuction

The key to successful body sculpting in Riyadh and Dubai is a comprehensive and detailed consultation process and this is the procedure Dr. Maher Al Ahdab is famous for. A careful pre-operative examination and listening to the patient’s requests and wishes will allow Dr. Al-Ahdab to plan a procedure that best suits you! Depending on how much extra fat you have, and your specific desires, Autologous fat grafting can also be performed for women to obtain a full and attractive Brazilian butt and a body characterized by beautiful feminine details.

The liposuction process does not depend on removing and suctioning as much fat as possible. I want to sculpt form, balance light and shadow, and paint in minute detail to create a three-dimensional artwork

Dr. Maher Al Ahdab – European Congress of Breast Surgery, Rome 2018

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Dr. Maher Al Ahdab has an extensive library of reality TV style videos on Youtube explaining why he is considered the best plastic surgeon in Riyadh and Dubai. These videos are informative, entertaining, and present the patient experience in a completely candid manner that we rarely see with any other plastic surgeon. The videos cover various topics such as breast surgery, body contouring, and post-plastic surgery advice as well as addressing some of the most controversial topics in plastic surgery.