Breast Lift Mastopexy For Younger Firmer Breasts

Breast Lift Mastopexy in Dubai and Riyadh

Mastopexy Breast Lift in Dubai and Riyadh

Are you feeling embarrassed by deflated breasts that lack volume and projection? Do you wish your breasts were fuller and tighter? Do you keep delaying purchasing that perfect dress because you are afraid you lack the cleavage and breast volume to look your best in it? Did you go through multiple pregnancies or lost significant weight that resulted in laxity in your breast skin (AKA Breast ptosis). Then you are likely to be an excellent candidate for breast lift mastopexy surgery with or without silicone implants performed by the best breast surgeon in Dubai and Riyadh Dr. Maher Alahdab.

The key to a successful breast augmentation in Dubai & Riyadh is a thorough and detailed consultation process. This is a procedure in which Dr. Maher Alahdab is renowned. A careful preoperative examination and listening to the patient’s concerns and desires will allow Dr. Alahdab to select a breast lift mastopexy technique that works best for you! Based on the amount of breast volume you have it will be decided whether a silicone breast implant is necessary to give you the result you dream of.

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Breast lift surgery is not just about cutting off excess skin and having higher breasts. Patients are much more sophisticated nowadays and are looking for firmer perkier breasts that are as feminine and natural as possible.

Dr. Maher Alahdab – European Breast Surgery Conference, Rome 2018

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Breast Augmentation Videos

Dr. Maher Alahdab has a vast library of reality TV style videos on Youtube showing why he is considered the best breast surgeon in Dubai and Riyadh. These videos are both informative and entertaining and show the patient’s experience in a completely unfiltered way that is rarely seen among any plastic surgeon. The videos tackle many topics such as breast surgery, body contouring, “how to” instructions after plastic surgery as well as tackling some of the most controversial subjects in plastic surgery.